Cook Up a Feast With Our Grills

All American Turf is a proud authorized dealer of Holland Grills for our customers in Monmouth County. Holland Grills offers a wide variety of gas grills for those cool outdoor nights.

The 'Holland System' is a patented, ingenious system of heat control guards and a drip pan that prevent flare-ups. It’s as easy as placing your meat or vegetables on the grill, closing the lid, and cooking for the appropriate time.

Holland Grills also offers a variety of sensational seasonings and sauces that will add mouth-watering flavor to any piece of meat. Grill steam or smoke on your new Holland Grill today!

Spice Up Your Backyard With Grill Dome

Grill Dome comes in three differently sized grills. These grills are easy to use and give you moist, juicy, and tender food each time you grill.
  • The XL Kamado model is a 22" cooking grill - great for large parties
  • The large Kamado is an 18" cooking grill size - the most popular size based on volume
  • The small Kamado is a 13" cooking grill size - great for tailgating and camping
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Grill Dome
The Holland Grill
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